Computer Science Portfolio

Programming Knowledge


- Python Library for physics and math equations and constants along with chemical constants.
- Spyll is an Open-Source Python package that is aimed at making txt file management easier.
Discord cache to image converter
- The Discord cache to image converter is a tool that I created that allows users to view cached images as a png format.
Pixel Bot
- Discord bot that includes moderation, logging and other useful commands.
Database-File converter
- Created as part of a week-long work experience programme.
Clicker game
- Clicker game that I've been making to practice my javascript.
Colour bot
- Colour bot is a Discord bot that makes handling colours much easier by integrating your messages which contain hex colours with the bot.
- To practice web design, php and javascript
Trigonometry visualiser
- To practice javascript and trigonometry.
Pixels JSON parser
- Read infromation from your export JSON files from the pixels app
- test.